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surround sound system hire

The Masala Surround Sound System is a flexible 24.2 channel system consists of 24 matched mid-range Grover Notting CR-1 ref- erence monitors and 2 powered subwoofers. The CR-1s are powered by three 8 channel amplifiers custom-built by Joe Malone, with the signal chain driven by an RME Fireface 800 and 2 RME ADI-Pro 8 channel ADAT interfaces. All CR-1s can be placed on floor stands or mounted to standard lighting gantries and other fixtures with directional mounting clamps.

This set up allows for flexible configuration of the Masala Sound System, including typical 8 or 16 channel circular surround, or more complex 2 and three tier configurations, as well as linear configurations.

The system comes with a custom spatialisation control tool which can operate as either a standalone control system or as a suite of Max For Live devices running within Ableton Live. Support for up to 24 discrete sound sources, each with their own automatable 3D spatialisation control, provides easy entry into the world of ambisonic sound control.

The Masala Surround Sound System is available for hire for surround sound concerts, gallery installations, theatre productions, and interactive installations and performances. Contact us to enquire about availability and rates.

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