more than enough…

the lyrics to more than enough are drawn from a fragment of a poem by the 18th century mystic poet, Ghalib. the complete text (from a translation by robert bly & sunil dutta) follows:

for my weak heart this living in the sorrow house is more than enoughthe storage of rose-coloured wine is also more than enough.
i’m embarrassed, otherwise i’d tell the wine-serverthat even the leftovers in the cup are, for me, enough.

no arrow comes flying in; i am safe from hunters.
the comfort level i experience in this cage is more than enough.

i don’t see why the so-called elite people are so proud
when the ropes of custom that tie them down are clear enough.

it’s hard for me to distinguish sacrifice from hypocrisy,
when the greed for reward in pious actions is obvious enough.

leave me alone at the zam zam well; I won’t circle the kaaba.
the wine stains on my robe are already numerous enough.

if we can’t resolve this, it will be a great injustice.
she is not unwilling and my desire is more than strong enough.

the blood of my heart has not completely exited through my eyes.
o death, let me stay a while, the work we have to do is abundant enough.

it’s difficult to find a person who has no opinion about ghalib.
he is a good poet, but the dark rumours about him are more than enough.