the empty quarter

The Empty Quarter was formed in 2007 by Melbourne-based musicians Kate Grealy, Rasheeda Cooper, Pete Emptage and Mark Pedersen. All share a love of world music and mystical poets and decided to bring their influences together to explore the way of the Qalandar – the wandering mystics of  Persia and India.  The Empty Quarter combine original lyrics with poems from RumiHafez and Ghalib in a unique style, mapping the territory of divine love and the human heart.  The group have diverse backgrounds: Rasheeda is a classical pianist and tabla player, Kate a folk singer-songwriter, and Mark an electronic musician, who together create a distinctive, ethereal sound anchored by Pete Emptage’s soulfull electric bass. Joined by Meg Smith on violin, The Empty Quarter launched their debut EP at the 2008 Muslim Music Festival, a feature event in the 2008 Darebin Music Feast. 

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