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surround sound system hire

The Masala Surround Sound System is a flexible 24.2 channel system consists of 24 matched mid-range Grover Notting CR-1 ref- erence monitors and 2 powered subwoofers. The CR-1s are powered by three 8 channel amplifiers custom-built by Joe Malone, with the signal chain driven by an RME Fireface 800 and 2 RME ADI-Pro 8 channel ADAT interfaces. All CR-1s can be placed on floor stands or mounted to standard lighting gantries and other fixtures with directional mounting clamps.

This set up allows for flexible configuration of the Masala Sound System, including typical 8 or 16 channel circular surround, or more complex 2 and three tier configurations, as well as linear configurations.

The system comes with a custom spatialisation control tool which can operate as either a standalone control system or as a suite of Max For Live devices running within Ableton Live. Support for up to 24 discrete sound sources, each with their own automatable 3D spatialisation control, provides easy entry into the world of ambisonic sound control.

The Masala Surround Sound System is available for hire for surround sound concerts, gallery installations, theatre productions, and interactive installations and performances. Contact us to enquire about availability and rates.

amps speaker-mount


Infundibular is an interactive media performance featuring choreography by Rachel Heller-Wagner and Ashlee Bye, sound design by Jess Keeffe and Camille Robinson, and visual design by Travis Cox.

Interaction design for the show featured devices developed by Chailight Production’s Mark Pedersen, including an wireless on-body inertial movement sensor worn by Ashlee Bye, an adaptive sound control system utilising the Microsoft Kinect depth sensing camera, and a wireless interactive button system enabling audience interaction.

More information about Infundibular can be found at, and in Urszular Dawkins’ review for Real Time Arts.


Hathira Sama play Senegal!

After a fantastic trip to the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in June, Hathira Sama have been invited to play at the Sufi Festival of Unity in Senegal in January! Full details of the gig are here. We’ll be playing our main concert on Goree Island, a 20 minute ferry ride from Dakar, at 7:00pm on Wed 5 January, with the soulful Amandou and Miriam playing at 9:00pm the same night.

Also on the festival line up are Kora master Toumani Diabate, Senegal’s favourite, Ismael Lo, and our friend Ali Keeler’s group Al Kauthara from Granada. We’re feeling very honoured to have been invited by Sidi Ibrahim Tijani, and to be in such distinguished company. We’ll be playing another gig earlier in the week at the Festival venue in Dakar. We’re looking forward the journey – stay tuned for more news.

Elements goes global

Hathira Sama’s Elements album is about to roll out globally via iTunes and eMusic on 10 July. A limited edition of good olde fashioned physical copies, including a set of Holga photographic prints, will be available directly from us here at Here’s a preview of the packaged set:

Elements limited edition album package

empty quarter ep launch


qalandari dub gypsies, the empty quarter, have been pouring out their collective heart and soul in the studio over the last few months, in the lead up to this year’s Muslim Music Festival. Joined by Meg Smith on violin, the group continue to explore the realms of the heart through the words of the mystic poets, rumi, hafez and ghalib and their own original lyrics. the group will be launching their debut ep at the final concert of the 2008 Muslim Music Festival, on September 8. joining them on stage will be the colour of unity qawwali ensemble, acoustic pop duo, patterns for paper, and victorian beatbox champion, shazet. full details of the festival, which spans three nights at the Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne, are available from the Muslim Music Festival website. here’s a sample of what to expect from the empty quarter on the night: [audioplaylist:TheEmptyQuarter] 

hathira sama – elemental explorers

Hathira Sama Concert
after 2 years in the wilderness, hathira sama have re-convened their exploration of the sonic and the spiritual, recording a meditation on the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. recorded in hyderabad, the album incorporates sounds from the fringes of one of india’s most rapidly developing cities into hathira sama’s unique blend of voice, bansuri, tabla and electronics. a journey from earth to the heavens, “elements” represents hathira sama’s most focused work to date.