Tabla VJ’ing and COSM fields

Had another Skype link up with Deo, working on a tabla VJ rig. We’ve using Tristan Jehan’s analyzer~ to split out bayan and dayan hits on the tabla to drive separate video animations. At the moment, just hand tuning thresholds for certain bark coefficients as a way of distinguishing between hits, but we also found some literature on automatic tabla stroke recognition which gives some characteristic frequency graphs, which might be useful. Next stage is perhaps look at whether we can use a machine learning system to improve the recognition process, but we don’t want to get too complex. Watch this space for patches and samples soon.

Speaking of complex, i’m quite stuck with working out how to make use of fields in COSM. I want to create icosohedral fields to contain granular particles of sound, that the visitor will then encounter as they move around. I have just worked out how to put platonic solids in the cosm window, so that’s a start, thanks to this blog entry:, but I still don’t quite “get” fields. Maybe a spherical field will be ok – it doesn’t have to be visible after all.