Invisible Territory

In this project, Ralph Muhlberger and I explored issues of developing a sonification of the game of Go, and then adapting the sonification for use in an interactive performance piece featuring Shakuhachi, the Japanese end-blown flute, as a primary instrument for interaction and as a sound-source for the sonification. Our approach to sonification seeks to establish a mapping from data to sound which preserves the symbolism and the aesthetics of the game, as well as present the data embodied in a specific game record in a form that is as transparently comprehensible as possible. The performance incorporated live improvisation by a human performer interacting with a sonified game of Go. A research paper and a performance were presented at Australasian Computer Music Conference in 2005.

You can hear a recording of the performance below, and read the full paper here: Invisible Territory: Sonifying the Game of Go.