SimpleNI Processing version of OSCeleton

A quick post to share a little bit of code I tweaked on the weekend. I’ve been experimenting with a Kinect sensor for gestural input into Max/MSP, and especially need skeleton tracking. I got OSCeleton working, but found it a little unstable, and I didn’t really like having to run X11 just to get a visual feedback display. Ferhat Sen’s OpenNI2OSC Processing patch was the next step, and by combining it with the SimpleNI Processing wrapper library, I managed to get a full skeleton tracking to OSC system in Processing, that seems pretty stable and eliminates the need for X11.

The output is fully compatible with the standard OSC output of OSCeleton (at least it worked identically with an existing Max/MSP patch I had running with OSCeleton). However, it only supports tracking 1 user at the moment, and it doesn’t support kitchen studio or quartz composer OSC modes.

Download the Processing file here: SimpleOpenNI_UserOSC Processing.pde

No doubt there’ll be updates and if this doesn’t find a home somewhere else, I guess I’ll put it up on github, but here it is for now. Props to all who’ve forged this path – looking forward to where it leads us!