first flight of the cigarduino

[vimeo 3077098 448 336]

first flight of the cigarduino synth! i was given this fantastic Cuban cigar box, and my first thought was: “I have to build a synth to put in this…” so my trusty arduino board began its journey from the workbench into the Cuban enclosure. the current configuration is inspired by Beavis’ Audio’s arduino punk console design. I’ve tweaked the code a bit to support portamento between notes in the sequencer.

I had a spectrasymbol softpot looking for a home (courtesy of stribe maker josh boughey) and was delighted that it fitted in just beneath the row of momentary buttons. however, along with four pots on the top row, and two more beneath, that was one more analog input than the arduino supports natively. so, i used a 4051 multiplexer to support extra inputs, although i’ve got a bit of work to do to get the multiplexing working reliably.

currently the cigarduino is running a variant of the Beavis Audio Arduino Punk Console code, with the top row of pots are assigned to pitch, duration, portamento, and tempo. support for portamento is a twist on the straight arduino punk console, but the thing just oozed acid so much when I first heard it, that portamento became essential. the two pots beneath are as yet unassigned. likewise the softpot is unassigned. the red momentary buttons are sequencer slots, while the right black switch is on and off. the left black switch is unassigned.

lots of room for expansion and exploration – check back soon for more details