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qalandari dub gypsies, the empty quarter, have been pouring out their collective heart and soul in the studio over the last few months, in the lead up to this year’s Muslim Music Festival. Joined by Meg Smith on violin, the group continue to explore the realms of the heart through the words of the mystic poets, rumi, hafez and ghalib and their own original lyrics. the group will be launching their debut ep at the final concert of the 2008 Muslim Music Festival, on September 8. joining them on stage will be the colour of unity qawwali ensemble, acoustic pop duo, patterns for paper, and victorian beatbox champion, shazet. full details of the festival, which spans three nights at the Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne, are available from the Muslim Music Festival website. here’s a sample of what to expect from the empty quarter on the night: [audioplaylist:TheEmptyQuarter] 

3 thoughts on “empty quarter ep launch

  1. Dean P

    Heard you briefly on JJJ with Safran. Loved the track they played and was interested in more information on it.
    Thanks for the appearance.
    Sydney AU.

  2. em:p Post author

    thanks for listening dean! the track is based on a poem by the 18th century North Indian poet, Ghalib. We’ve posted the full text of the poem here. i’d been reading the robert bly translation of ghalib at the time and shared that poem with the rest of the group – it seemed so relevant, even coming from a couple of centuries back – kate worked on adapting it and the song just evolved from there. have a read of the whole poem – there’s so much more in there than what we could fit into one song. I suppose a big part of the point of the empty quarter project is about finding a way to open the door for others into this kind of poetry, so let us know what you think!

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